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All our products follow the strict “Good Manufacturing practice” (GMP) guidelines. The GMP is a
system that covers the manufacture and testing of pharmaceutical ingredients and products,
including medical devices. These guidelines outline the aspects of good practice from product to
testing and can impact the quality of the product. Australia has extremely high and strict GMP
guidelines and our products have been made with these strict standards.

All Naro products are all made in Australia. All formulas and receipts are laboratory tested and work
100% in order to give you, the consumer complete satisfaction with our products.
Naro is widely accepted and praised across the world including some countries such as Japan and
Taiwan. Naro welcomes all interested distributors and agents. Naro looks forward and strives to
achieve a bright and healthier future for all Australians.

Naro’s brand’s vision is to become a leader in natural healthcare solutions with superior efficiency.
It is here where Naro’s brand will continue to invest in proprietary research to develop new and
proven natural healthcare solutions.

The Best Care Australia’s Nature Can Provide

Visit Us
Australia Natural Health Pharmaceutical Group
17 Iris Place, Acacia Ridge
Queensland 4110 Australia
Tel: +617 3216 6880