ECHO is one of Australia’s leading and largest suppliers of dietary and nutritional health supplements that will greatly assist in replenishing your body with the required nutrients so that you may actively pursue and include extra activities in your daily lives.

ECHO 医药保健品集团是一家澳大利亚领先的以健康产业为主线的提供营养保健品,家居保健用品研发,合成,生产,销售的高科技澳大利亚企业。公司成立之初一直坚持“创新科技、纯天然原料、澳洲制造”的三大特色,目前已成为一个高品质、高标准享誉国际的澳洲知名健康产业品牌。旗下品牌的产品遍布澳洲市场,海外远销欧美和东南亚各地,深受客户好评,享有极高的市场美誉度,公司品牌被澳洲政府官方推荐为“来澳选购知名保健品品牌”之一。

And what better way to start a healthier lifestyle than right from the beginning! ECHO also has an extensive range of KIDS ‘yummy-to-consume’ supplements for the growing body. These days our children are exposed to many artificial enhancements and preservatives in foods so we need to provide their little bodies a boost of natural supplements to counteract, breakdown and replenish any vitamins and minerals that is vital for improving their immune system and general well being.

如何能从从生命之始,保持健康的状态? ECHO同时致力于为孩子和家长们解答这个困惑。我们为孩子们提供了一系列可口的儿童营养补充品来满足儿童对健康的需求。如今,儿童在成长中接触到许多含有人为改良剂和防腐剂的食品,所以我们更加需要为孩子们提供天然的,无污染的维他命,矿物质以及其他各种营养成分来提高儿童的免疫系统和周身健康。

All of our products comprises the highest quality of natural raw materials and follows the Australian regulations strictly to provide consumers with safe, high quality, efficient products. These health products are produced and manufactured under the regulations of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and therefore our practices are in full compliance of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which covers the manufacturing and testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics and pharmaceutical products. ECHO assures that we follow this practice strictly from the gathering of raw materials to the production process. We do this to give our customers the best quality assurance from our health products. This is all done in order to guarantee you, the consumer a better quality healthy life for you and your family.